Are Glass Doors Energy Efficient?

Are Glass Doors Energy Efficient?

November 28, 2022

Are glass doors energy efficient? Many homeowners overlook this advantage in their homes, but mostly because they are not aware that there is such a thing. If you’re considering making your home more energy efficient, think about replacing your doors with glass. 

 Why are glass doors energy efficient?

Glass doors are usually used for the patio. It’s a great way to bring the beautiful outside views to the interior space while keeping it secured. 

The problem with single-pane glass doors is that they are a flimsy barrier against the cold temperature from outside. This impacts the indoor temperature and forces your HVAC system to work doubly hard to keep the house warm and cozy. 

For the most energy efficient glass doors, especially for those in areas with drastic seasonal changes, the double-pane variety works best. This way, they can provide better insulation and protection. With this, you can improve your energy-saving practices. 

Another factor that impacts the energy efficiency of glass doors is the gas filling inside the panes. The type of gas usually used for this purpose is argon. This helps add to the energy efficiency of glass doors because it can effectively inhibit heat loss.

Some models use krypton gas, which is considered to be even more effective as an insulator. However, better performance means higher cost, so that’s one downside you’ll need to be ready for.

Glass coating is another feature in glass sliding doors that help make it become energy efficient. This coating has metallic microparticles that can help reflect heat to regulate indoor temperature by blocking outdoor heat or cold from getting in the room.

What to look for in your glass doors

When picking out your glass patio doors, you must choose from several different design styles. It can come in the form of a sliding door or French doors. Each type of design has its pros and cons, but the main consideration is how it will look and blend with the other components of the structure.

Sliding glass doors are great for smaller spaces because they only use as much space as the frame itself. For those who would prefer to have a more dramatic visual impact, the French doors might work better. The downside, however, is that the doors swing inwards, which would require more floor space.

For energy efficiency, glass doors should at least be double pane and double-glazed, have sufficient foam insulation and be compatible with weather stripping. It should also have either argon or krypton for gas filling. A low-E window coating should also be there.

With these features, you can make the most out of your glass doors and enjoy their energy efficiency.


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