How to Keep Your New Glass Shower Clean

How to Keep Your New Glass Shower Clean

November 3, 2022

When glass shower doors start to build up soap scum, hard water stains, and mildew, they can be unsightly and even unhealthy. It is important to know the correct way to clean your glass shower doors, so you can maintain an attractive, safe, and healthy bathroom.

This quick guide will provide you with some tips on how to clean a dirty glass shower and how to remove water stains.

Choose a Cleaner

It is important to choose a cleaner that will address the particular issues you are having in your shower. Some showers are prone to mildew, while others battle soap scum and hard water stains. Evaluate the situation in your shower and then choose a cleaner that can help you resolve these issues.

If you are nervous about using harsh chemicals in your home, there are more natural mixtures you can use with great results. Distilled white vinegar is a wonderful, all-natural cleaning agent you can try before attempting to use harsh chemicals.

  • Heat up ½ cup of vinegar for 30 seconds in the microwave

  • Add warm vinegar to spray bottle

  • Spray the area to be cleaned

  • Scrub with brush or sponge

  • Rinse clean

If this natural option does not produce the results you want, you may need to consider more traditional cleaning products.

Spray and Scrub

To get a good thorough clean on your glass shower, you will need to apply some elbow grease. It is usually necessary to allow the spray cleaner to sit awhile before you start scrubbing.

The cleaner will need some time to penetrate the area. This allows the cleaning agents to start breaking down grime and stains before you start scrubbing. This can make your job much easier. The thicker the build up, the longer the cleaner will need to sit. 

Be sure to use a soft bristled brush or sponge and apply some pressure when scrubbing. If the soap scum or mildew has built up for some time, you may need to repeat your cleaning efforts a few times before you get a solid clean.

Stain Removing Tips

You may notice that you have specific problem areas in your shower. These areas might require some additional cleaning. Here are some tips for stain removal or other hard to clean areas.

Grease cutting dish detergent: This can be used along with vinegar to create a powerful cleaning solution that powers through grime. This can also help to create a more pleasant smell as most people find straight vinegar to be harsh.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice also produces a powerful clean with a pleasant smell. Natural lemon juice can be added to a spray bottle with warm water and applied directly to most surfaces.

Ammonia: Ammonia is a strong cleaning agent that should be used with caution. This cleaner is great for serious grime build up. Be sure to use a face mask and gloves when working with ammonia.

Dryer sheets: Most people are not aware that dryer sheets are a surprisingly powerful grime fighter. Dampen a dryer sheet and gently rub through built-up soap scum.

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