The Process of Replacing Your Windows

The Process of Replacing Your Windows

November 28, 2022

Homeowners are not expected to be on the nose about what is the process of window replacement. However, it would certainly be to your advantage if you know how to replace windows step by step. This way, you can anticipate what you need to prepare and do to let the process go faster and smoother.

Hire Professionals

The very first thing you need to do is to hire professionals for the job. Replacing windows requires specific skills to ensure safety and overall quality of work. Once you’ve hired them, make sure to have a briefing with the project leader to inform them of what you want to accomplish. 

The more specific you are, the better. This way, you won’t have to hover while they’re at work, and you can just leave them to it, so they can finish the job faster. 

Replacement Preparations

Before the replacements arrive, you should make sure that the work area is all clear and set. Remove any furniture, artwork, vases and anything else that might clutter the space or get damaged. 

Put a protective cover over the floor to minimize getting it dirty or scratched by all the materials and tools that will be used. A barrier should also be made to prevent children and pets from walking into the area to avoid disturbing the workers or getting injured. 

Window Removal

The first step is removing the windows sash. You can either unscrew or pry it out. After that, the parting beads holding the upper sash come off. Just turn one end of the sash upward to get it loose and free from the jamb liners. These will be the next to be removed. 

Frame Prep

Once all of these components are removed, the frame should be scraped off to smoothen out and remove any blistered paint. This is also the time to patch up any cracks or holes. A grade wood putty should work.

Check the sash weights in the frame. If the original is still in there, it can be removed at this point for insulation behind the frame. 

Insulation and Caulking 

The next step is insulation. A spray insulation foam is the fastest way to get the job done. Leave the insulation foam to harden for at least six hours. 

Once that’s set, the windows can be caulked in preparation for the actual installation of the window. Apply the caulking around the inner face of the exterior casings. 

Window Installation

The windows should have been accurately measured even before any prep was done so that it’s a simple application once everything is ready. The window should be inserted first from the bottom and then gently but firmly tipped into place.

Press until the window is secure and tightly fits into the frame. Make adjustments as necessary, do another round of caulk before doing a final round of priming and painting for that final look.

All this seems like a lot of work, which is precisely why you should work with a professional. Get your windows replaced right the first time.

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