Telltale Signs You Need Mirror Repair in Alaska

Telltale Signs You Need Mirror Repair in Alaska

June 15, 2015

Mirrors can be used practically while helping to enhance a room or house. The presence of a mirror makes a room appear larger. It can also accent a lovely view or architectural feature of your house if you position it in the right way. However, whether you have a vintage mirror or a rather new mirror, damage can happen. Here are four forms of mirror damage that will require mirror repair in Alaska:

  1. 1.    Black spots or oxidation
  • Cause(s): Moisture accumulated during shipping or when hung near water or a steam pipe can cause black spots to appear on a mirror. The spots can also be from chemicals and body salt from your hands. When a mirror is stored outside or in unheated areas, the surface of it contracts and expands with the temperature change. When the mirror is hung up with no space between the wall and the mirror, there is no ventilation, meaning the mirror cannot stay dry during humid weather. Moisture, chemicals, a temperature change and ventilation —the causes of oxidation —ultimately cause damage to the backing.
  • Why this problem needs mirror repair in Alaska: Any cleaning product or technique you might try to remove the black spots will not work because the backing of the mirror is damaged.
  1. 2.    Cracks or chips
  • Cause(s): Little, hidden fractures; sudden temperature changes, accidents or vibrations can cause cracks or chips in glass.
  • Why this problem needs mirror repair in Alaska: The silver backing of the mirror usually gets damaged when chipped or cracked, which requires professional attention. Professional attention and replacement is required if the mirror is cracked all the way through.
  1. 3.    Cloudiness
  • Cause(s): A mirror may appear cloudy because it has been cleaned multiple times with cleaning products that are remarkably watered down and aren’t equipped to clean oil-based residue off of the glass.
  • Why this problem needs mirror repair in Alaska: The cleaning products have caused damage to the backing of the mirror. Even if you try to use a different cleaning product or technique it won’t fix the backing. It will require professional help in mirror repair in Alaska to either repair or replace the mirror.
  1. 4.    Micro-scratches
  • Cause(s): The use of cleaning products unsuitable to clean oil-based residue and the act of wiping the surface with a product that contains polyester or paper can cause scratches.
  • Why this problem needs mirror repair in Alaska: It’s possible that in the attempt to remove or fix the micro-scratches, you could cause the mirror more damage. Contact a professional in mirror repair in Alaska.

Cleaning methods and maintenance of the mirrors cause many of these issues. Contact the professionals in mirror repair in Alaska to get solid advice to help you keep your mirrors looking brand new. To repair or replace a mirror, check out mirror repair in Alaska.


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