Advice from a Glass Shop in Alaska: Six Benefits of Using Aluminum Doors

Advice from a Glass Shop in Alaska: Six Benefits of Using Aluminum Doors

December 15, 2015

If you are looking into having a new door installed at your home or business, you might be wondering which material will be the most practical, convenient and attractive choice. Although Replacement Glass Co. Inc is primarily a glass shop in Alaska, we are proud to also sell aluminum doors to both businesses and homeowners all over the state, and we think they are a great option. Here is a closer look at the six main benefits of using aluminum doors, from your glass shop in Alaska. We hope this proves useful for all our valued customers and friends:

  • Stability: Here in Alaska, unpredictable weather conditions necessitate that our homes and commercial spaces be as stable as possible. Though relatively lightweight, aluminum doors also have a stability not found in other options, such as wood or plaster. When the going gets hard, you can count on aluminum doors to not budge an inch.
  • Strength: In addition to being stable, aluminum doors are also incredibly strong. This means that not only will they protect your home or business from harsh elements, but they will also keep your property safe from thieves and intruders. Whether you are a hardworking business owner or a homeowner with a family, you cannot put too high a price on security.
  • Easy maintenance: Some door materials are quick to become dirty, tend to warp during instances of harsh weather and are easy to inflict damage upon. None of this is true for doors made of aluminum, which is why they are so easy to keep clean and working properly. If you are looking for something low-maintenance but still high quality, go with aluminum.
  • Modern elegance: If your home or business is going for the industrial chic, modern look, than a traditional painted wooden door simple will not do. Instead, you will want a door material that is as forward thinking and elegant as the rest of your property. With that in mind, aluminum doors might be the perfect aesthetic solution for your home or business.
  • No rusting: Here in Alaska, we experience frequent snowy conditions and lots of moisture in general, which means that your door material needs to be moisture-resistant and not prone to rusting. Unlike other metal choices, aluminum does not rust, meaning you can keep your aluminum door much longer than you might be able to keep another type of door. And in the long run, every little bit of savings helps.
  • Widely available: Finally, aluminum doors are easy to find at virtually any door supply shop. But if you are looking for an aluminum door that is reasonably priced, high in quality and guaranteed to last long, you will likely want to patronize Replacement Glass Co. Inc, your source for excellent doors and a high quality glass shop in Alaska.

To learn more about the benefits of using an aluminum door, or to check out our wide selection of quality products, please visit or get in touch with Replacement Glass Co. Inc today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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