Enhance Window Replacement in Alaska with These Aesthetic Tips

Enhance Window Replacement in Alaska with These Aesthetic Tips

February 15, 2016

Installing new windows in your house is a great way to not only add home value and enhance comfort, but investing in quality window glass is also a step toward energy conservation. You also need to take care of and clean your new windows properly in order to avoid damage and keep drafts from coming in through deteriorating window seals.

After all the effort of installing a new window replacement in Alaska and taking care of it, why not make it stand out? Here are four simple ideas you can run with to highlight that beautiful new window glass:

Frame it

Framing a big window can bring it into focus instead of having it appear to just be sitting on its own on the wall. A frame can also add some detail to glass, whether it’s through an etched design or a colored frame. Not just a pretty border, a high quality, heavy duty frame made specifically for residential windows can potentially help as an additional seal around the area where window edges meet weather stripping—keep the cold out in style!

Add a nice window treatment

If you’ve invested a pretty penny for the best window glass replacement product available, then don’t just hide it behind a big ugly curtain and call it a day. Dress it up with a stylish window treatment, like a classy pull-down shade, wood blinds or sheer fabric curtains. Or, if more privacy or sun glare reduction is your goal, consider professional home window tinting. A tint is great for street facing windows, bathroom windows on all levels of the home and those little windows on garage doors.

Get an indoor plant

Now that you have new, clearer windows, buy yourself an indoor plant or two to brighten up a living space! Place smaller sun-loving plants on windowsills and larger full- or partial-sun plants in decorative pots near window frames. Real living plants are a fantastic element to work into your interior design efforts, and there are many plants that help to clean your indoor air, as well. However, if you have bulkier window treatments, it might be a good idea to stick to smaller plants, so as to not crowd windows.

Rearrange furniture and art

It’s amazing how much a room can open up with newly installed window replacements, thanks to the clarity of quality glass. Also, with insulated windowpanes, you can now leave the curtains drawn open to let in the sun for natural light, with less need to worry about cold air seeping in.

Move your reading chair closer to the window, shift the entertainment center out of direct sun glare and move your bed to face out your new window and into nature. Place works of art where the sunlight hits best to create a display light effect, but not in areas where the sun beats down for too long a time, as this can cause vibrant colors to dull.

When it’s time to start thinking about window replacement in Alaska, contact the team at Replacement Glass Co. Inc. for expert advice and professional service.

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