Why Invest in Automatic Commercial Doors from Your Glass Shop in Alaska?

Why Invest in Automatic Commercial Doors from Your Glass Shop in Alaska?

April 15, 2016

As a locally owned and operated glass shop in Alaska, the team here at Replacement Glass Co. Inc. knows how difficult it can be to run a small business. As a small business owner, you are likely always looking for ways to make your business more attractive to customers, more comfortable for employees and generally more efficient and profitable.

One idea you might not have previously explored is investing in automatic commercial doors. Here is an overview of how your local Alaska glass shop can help improve your accessibility, enhance your comfort and help save your business money.

Full accessibility

In order to thrive, a business needs to be able to serve as many different customers as possible. Is your business as accessible as it could be? If you use a traditional, non-automatic door, then you might unwittingly be making it next to impossible for people with disabilities to safely and comfortably access your business.

Fortunately, automatic doors offer an easy solution. Once you have them installed and invest in the proper ramps and railings, you will never again have to worry about customers being able to easily visit your storefront. You will also be more accommodating to potential employees with disabilities.

Easy traffic control

If your business involves operating a busy brick and mortar store, then chances are good that you occasionally have an extremely busy day. When your business is crowded, the chances of a customer or employee being injured greatly increase, and you risk deterring customers who don’t like having their personal space invaded.

Automatic doors might not solve the whole problem, but they certainly can help the situation. Wide automatic doors help control the flow of incoming and outgoing foot traffic and allow big groups of people to easily pass through your storefront at once.

Stay warm

Here in Alaska, we certainly do not need to lecture anyone about the spike in heating bills that can come with leaving a door open. Even if you have a policy of keeping your door closed, there is always the chance that a customer or employee will accidentally leave the door cracked or propped open, costing you extra dollars on keeping your business warm everyday.

Automatic commercial doors offer a highly efficient solution. The doors will only open when necessary, and will close behind the customer as soon as they enter or exit. You will only pay what you absolutely need to on heating bills, potentially saving your business a lot of cash.

Where to get them

Now that you understand the benefits of automatic commercial doors, you might be wondering where you can get them. Although there are many options out there, supporting your local glass shop in Alaska will ensure that you get great service and a quality product, and that your money stays local.

Replacement Glass Co. Inc. is proud to be your experienced, friendly, locally owned and operated glass shop in Alaska. If you are interested in commercial automatic doors for your business, please give us a call anytime.

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