Little-Known Glass Cleaning Tips from a Glass Shop in Alaska

Little-Known Glass Cleaning Tips from a Glass Shop in Alaska

June 1, 2016

Whenever you see a smudge on glass, whether it’s a window or a mirror, your instinct is probably to grab a rag and a bottle of Windex, right? However, there are so many people who do not take appropriate measures to get their glass truly clean, and in their effort to get it done quickly actually leave it looking worse than before.

So with that in mind, here are a few tips you might not have heard before, straight from our glass shop in Alaska, that will help you keep all the glass around your home looking pristine:

  • Distilled water is best: This is especially true if you live in an area where tap water is not necessarily of the highest quality. It’s helpful to keep a jug of distilled water on hand specifically for cleaning purposes, even if it’s just being used for diluting a cleaning product. Tap water can contain a lot of minerals that will leave streaks behind on your glass, even if you have used all of the proper tools to get the job done. Distilled water eliminates those minerals and is as pure as you’ll get.
  • White vinegar helps with stubborn spots: Many people use white vinegar diluted in water as a general cleaning solution for kitchens, bathrooms and floors. However, if you are trying to get out a particularly tough spot on a piece of glass, you might instead have to use undiluted vinegar.
  • Dry your glass correctly: You likely already know that, while you are cleaning, you should dry off the glass as quickly as possible to avoid leaving behind any streaks. However, there are additional drying strategies that can make a big difference in overall appearance. For example, many people do not realize that, when washing windows, you should dry one side with vertical strokes and the other side with horizontal strokes. This will greatly decrease the likelihood of you leaving behind streaks, as you’ll clearly be able to see which side they are located on.
  • Stained glass tips: If you have stained glass in your home or work in a location that has stained glass, it actually does not need as much maintenance and cleaning as regular windows. You want to preserve the colors and quality of the stain as much as possible. While regular windows should be thoroughly cleaned every few months, stained glass only needs to be lightly dusted on occasion. If there is a noticeable buildup of muck on the stained glass, then only use distilled water and a cloth—no cleaning products or vinegar.

While there are plenty of simple steps you can take to clean glass in a jiffy, the best cleaning process will follow these tips. These tips can be applied to just about any type of glass you have in your home, including windows, mirrors, coffee tables, cups and more.

To learn more about the best strategies for cleaning glass, contact Replacement Glass, your trusted glass shop in Alaska since 1970.

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