New Glass or Total Window Replacement in Alaska: Which Is Right for Your Broken Window Seals?

New Glass or Total Window Replacement in Alaska: Which Is Right for Your Broken Window Seals?

February 9, 2017

If you are noticing that your windows are beginning to fail, it may be the seal between the two layers of glass that is not holding together properly. In older windows, there is usually caulk that holds the two panes of glass together, while newer windows use a glazing bead. In both instances, the window seal can fail, creating a window that has moisture between the panes and is hard to see out of.

As a window’s seal expands and contracts with the weather, it can lose some of its elasticity and allow the seal of the windows to become broken. This issue with your windows needs to be taken care of, and you have the option of adding new glass to rectify the situation or having complete window replacement in Alaska. But which should you choose? Let’s take a look.

When is glass replacement necessary?

Replacing the glass of your windows is an economical option that can work to alleviate the broken seal of your window. This works best in windows that have a glazing bead, as this can be removed and installed with a new glass piece. This will preserve your window framework and allow you to get rid of the moisture problem that was occurring.

With the installation of new glass, you may be able to have low-E/argon-filled glass installed to give you that barrier you need against the elements. This glass is specifically designed to allow your windows to maintain the temperature in your home without being affected by the weather outside. If you are looking to have your glass replaced, now is the time to see if low-E/argon-filled glass is an option for your installation.

When should you choose window replacement?

In older windows, you may have to opt for total window replacement in Alaska, as the sash may have been built around the glass, making it virtually impossible to install a new piece of glass in the window frame. As much as you may not want to invest in window replacement in Alaska, in this instance, it would be necessary to get the look you are trying to achieve.

Here, too, you can have a new window replacement in Alaska that includes low-E/argon-filled glass as a part of the full package. While window replacement is a more expensive route to go, it may be what you need to fix the broken seals in your windows and get rid of the moisture. New window replacement will also be sure to maintain that airtight seal, eliminating the potential for drafts in your home.

Whether you decide to have new glass installed or opt to spring for window replacement in Alaska, you will see a world of difference in the appearance of your glass. Both options can solve a broken window seal and provide you with a window that has a lifetime of use ahead. Call Replacement Glass to see which option is right for you. We offer an array of glass repair and installation services for your home or business, and look forward to assisting you soon!

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