The Pros and Cons of Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Alaska

The Pros and Cons of Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Alaska

September 13, 2017

If you watch any home improvement shows on TV, you know that some bathrooms these days are pretty decked out! They have marble counters, illuminated mirrors with LED lighting, heated floors and, of course, frameless glass shower doors. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom in the near future, it’s probably a good idea to incorporate some of these new bathroom trends into your design!

There’s no doubt that frameless glass shower doors in Alaska have a number of benefits, but like most things in life, they also have a few downsides. If you’re having a difficult time deciding whether or not you need to install a glass shower door during your next remodel, continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons associated with frameless glass shower doors:

  • Better appearance: Part of the reason you’re remodeling (or at least thinking about remodeling) your bathroom is to improve its appearance. One of the easiest ways to do that is by installing a frameless glass shower door. Your new shower will look great and will be the focal point of the whole room.
  • Minimize mold growth: There’s really no way around it—bathrooms are very humid places. Do you know what loves wet and humid areas? Mold! Mold growth in bathrooms is a big problem across the nation. It grows behind curtains and in the corners of unclean showers. Thankfully, mold doesn’t have anywhere to hide on a frameless glass shower door, and these showers are super easy to clean. Mold doesn’t stand a chance!
  • Value adding: If you’re remodeling your bathroom to get more money for your house when you sell it, you should really consider installing a frameless glass shower door. There are many homebuyers out there who would much rather purchase a home with a glass shower door than one with a simple shower/tub combo.
  • Relatively high cost: If you’re planning to install a frameless glass shower door, you’ll want to set aside a significant portion of your remodel budget. Frameless doors need thicker glass and heavy duty hardware to hold them in place. Since that’s the case, they cost more. A framed glass shower door may cost anywhere from $80 to $300, but if you want to go frameless, you could have to pay as much as $1,200.
  • Possible poor performance: If you have a frameless glass door, the only thing keeping water inside your shower is a thin lining of rubber around the glass. If that rubber breaks down, which it tends to do over time, water can seep out of your shower and onto your floor.
  • Possibility of shattering: Unlike a shower curtain, a frameless glass shower door can shatter. Although your glass shower door is stronger than what you’d find in a normal window, it’s still glass and can break if you slam the door shut. Everyone in your family will have to be careful while opening and closing the door.

Give Replacement Glass a call if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should install frameless glass shower doors in Alaska during your remodel. One of our professionals will gladly teach you more about these doors and all of the benefits they can offer you and your improved bathroom.

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