Maintenance for Motorized Screens in Alaska

Maintenance for Motorized Screens in Alaska

June 28, 2018

One of the advantages of retractable screens in Alaska is the low maintenance factor. When you have retractable screens in Alaska installed in your property, you will enjoy these quality screens for years to come, with very little maintenance required. Here’s the scoop.

What maintenance must I perform on retractable screens in Alaska?

A bit of minor maintenance is required to keep motorized screens in Alaska in top shape. Experts recommend cleaning the mesh twice each year to keep the mesh free from dust particles. Use mild detergent and water and gently wipe the screens clean with a soft cloth. Performing this simple task at the beginning and middle of each summer will keep your screens looking sharp.

To keep the motorized screens moving smoothly, you should also lubricate the tracks with a dry silicone spray. This keeps the zipper that is sewn into the mesh moving freely on the tracks.

Lastly, occasional adjustments may need to be made to the tracks to resolve issues. Under windy conditions or repeated use, the mesh may stretch and become wavy or baggy. Adjusting the track will resolve this issue.

To protect your screens from damage and ensure optimal operation, perform these preventative maintenance steps or partner with a dealer in motorized screens in Alaska for regular inspections and cleanings.

When might I need repairs rather than maintenance for my retractable screens in Alaska?

If a motorized screen in Alaska is lowered under extremely windy conditions, the wind my cause the slide bar and mesh to stop moving. As the motor continues to rotate, the roller grabs the mesh and pulls it, creating a double wrap-over. This typically does not damage the mesh or the motor, but it can cause the screen to fail to close properly.

This situation can also occur if an object is left in the path of the screen, such as patio furniture or a toy. If this wrap-over occurs, you may need to arrange a service call for a technician to remove the cover, rotate the motor and release the mesh from its double-wrap. To avoid this scenario, verify that the screen’s path is unobstructed before lowering it.

What else can I do to make my screen maintenance easier?

To make the maintenance of your retractable screens in Alaska as simple and convenient as possible, set aside a separate set of remotes to use as maintenance remotes. Store these in a location that is accessible to your screen distributor. Program these remotes to operate one screen only so maintenance can be completed to individual units without disabling other connections.

Who Can I Contact for Retractable Screen Maintenance in Alaska?

The experienced professionals at Replacement Glass offer a full line of services for your windows and doors. Our expertise includes specialty and custom-built applications, such as motorized screens in Alaska. If you have additional questions about this unique product, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Reach out to us today or stop by our convenient location in Anchorage. We look forward to partnering with you to enhance your surroundings with top-quality window and door products and services.

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