Some Interesting Facts About Aluminum Windows

Some Interesting Facts About Aluminum Windows

August 7, 2019

Windows are one of the most important aspects of your home. They’re used to provide you with natural lighting, showcase your unique sense of style and create a sense of space connecting your home to the great outdoors.

The material that you use to frame your windows, however, is equally important as the placement and size of the windows themselves. While traditional wood-framed windows are a great way to showcase classic flair, aluminum windows in Alaska are an excellent way to demonstrate a crisp, modern aesthetic.

The type of window frame that you choose to install at your home or business will go a long way toward establishing the appearance of the rest of your building. If you’re looking for a unique way to make your home or business truly stand out, you might want to consider the benefits of fully aluminum or aluminum-clad window frames. Here are just a few facts to keep in mind when thinking about aluminum windows in Alaska:

  • Streetcar start: Aluminum windows in Alaska date back as far as 1912, when they were first used in streetcars, trains and other forms of public transportation. They were used in transit applications because they’re weather-resistant, lightweight and easy to maintain, especially when compared with wooden window frames, which are much heavier and subject to moisture-related decay.
  • Low maintenance: Compared with many other types of window framing solutions, aluminum windows in Alaska are relatively low maintenance. There’s no need to repaint and re-stain the frames, like there is with wooden window frames. Vinyl windows need to be replaced with relative frequency because the frames have a tendency to degrade prematurely. Aluminum windows, however, are largely maintenance free.
  • Larger glass panels: Did you know that aluminum windows are capable of holding larger glass panels than any other type of window framing material? This is because aluminum is so strong, yet lightweight. If you want to showcase your home’s view of nature, or build an abode that centers beautiful, natural light, you should invest in aluminum window frames.
  • Various finish options: There are a number of finish options available that you can use on your aluminum window frames. There are anodized aluminum window frames available in a number of colors—if you’re willing to explore un-anodized frames, however, the number of potential colors to choose from is virtually endless. Many un-anodized aluminum windows are treated with a baked polyester shell called powder coating.
  • Hybrid options are available: If you like the modern look of aluminum window frames but are concerned by their low insulation values, don’t despair. There are a number of hybrid options available to choose from. For instance, aluminum-clad window frames offer the insulation power of wooden window frames, coupled with the attractive nature of aluminum window frames. Additionally, the aluminum cladding protects the soft wood inside.

Since 1970, Replacement Glass has been a premier provider of aluminum windows in Alaska. We are proud to provide commercial and residential window installation services. To learn more about ways that we can help you outfit your home with aluminum windows, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today.

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