Time to Upgrade Your Shower Door!

Time to Upgrade Your Shower Door!

October 14, 2019

You may not think much about your glass shower door, and could even be taking it for granted. However, like any other fixture in your house, it requires care, maintenance and, after a while, replacement. While shower door replacement in Alaska is not something that may need to happen regularly, you will need to address it if you live in your home long enough. Here are five signs it is time for a new shower door:

  • Leaks: Your shower door is supposed to keep water off your floor and rugs, not allow it to leak all over the place. If you start to notice more water accumulation outside your shower door, it is likely due to leaks. Sometimes, you can replace the sealants and enjoy a dry bathroom once again. But at some point, this will get beyond the point of no return and a new shower door will be the only solution.
  • Never looks clean: Hard water stains and mildew build up over time, and there will be a point where these stains never go away. This is true even for those who are the most fastidious about cleaning. If all the scrubbing and high-end cleaners in the world fail to address your dirty shower door, then it’s time to purchase a new one. If you have a rental, it is not uncommon to change out shower doors with every tenant for the simple reason that some people are not as clean as others. In the case of stains that never perish, it is best to look into an upgrade.
  • Difficult to close: This is more true of swinging doors than sliding doors. At some point, the sealants that keep the door closed will start to wear out. You may pinch fingers attempting to get them closed, or worse, have the doors swing open in the middle of your shower and cause a small flood. This issue is annoying, and like a leaking shower door, it will lead to mold and mildew in your bathroom. If you like the shower door, try resealing first, but know that eventually this will be merely a Band-Aid solution.
  • Noise: Squeaks and groans are definitely not good signs. Like the door itself, the rails or hinges will also accumulate water minerals and mildew, and this happens in even the cleanest of homes. You can delay the problem with regular bathroom cleaning, but eventually the years will take their toll. When you can no longer stop the noise, consider a new door instead.
  • Cracks and blemishes: If your door has reached the point where it’s cracking or shows blemishes from the slightest misfortunes, it is time for replacement. Cracks can turn into a dangerous situation and demand immediate replacement. You never want to take a risk with a cracked shower door, as it could give way while you are in the shower and injure you.

Replacement Glass has offered shower door replacement for Alaska residents since 1970. If it’s time for a new shower door, call us today to schedule an estimate.

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