Troubleshooting Commercial Door Repair

Troubleshooting Commercial Door Repair

October 28, 2019

Customers gain an impression of your business the minute they walk through your glass doors. If they are dirty, barely functioning or worse, contain cracks or deep blemishes, they will wonder about the quality of your goods and services. Between the cold temperatures we have in Alaska and your foot traffic, commercial door repair is a “when,” not an “if,” for your business. Here are four common problems and how to address them:

  • Warping: When they are exposed to extreme temperatures or big temperature fluctuations, glass doors may warp. Sometimes this happens over time because of the contrast of a heated building with its exposure to the chill of Alaska winters. If your door requires substantial force to open, close or even keep open or closed, it is likely warped. In some cases, a warp is bad enough that you can see it. Once it reaches that point, there are no repair techniques available—it must be replaced.
  • General wear and tear: When you first install glass doors for a business, you must consider traffic. Low foot traffic is around 25 visits a day, or about 90,000 visits a year. High traffic involves 4,000 to 5,000 visits a day, or around 1.5 million a year. If your building is one that contains multiple offices or other leased space, just assume high foot traffic and choose your doors accordingly. Otherwise, you may face wear and tear sooner in hinges, closures and the glass itself. It is better to invest in heavy-duty products and delay repair and replacement indefinitely than assume low foot traffic and make commercial door repair a weekly event.
  • Cleanliness: Your glass doors are constantly exposed to the elements, and the buildup of dirt, grime or weather elements will diminish their shine. This is likely the easiest maintenance step of all: clean your doors and front windows regularly. If your employees are too busy with other aspects of your business, hire a regular cleaning crew. It will be well worth the investment in preserving your doors, but also creating an inviting storefront. No one wants to visit a store or office with grimy glass doors that offer more suspicion than enticement.
  • Failure to close: This is likely the most annoying problem on the list. When glass doors fail to close, it raises heating bills and lets the chill in, which can be annoying to retail staff close to the front of the store or security or reception personnel situated at the front of an office building. Failure to close is generally linked to wear and tear, although poor installation also plays a role. If your doors have never closed consistently, it is best to call in an expert to address the issue and see if you need a few repairs or if only replacement will suffice.

You are not alone when it comes to commercial door repair in Alaska. Replacement Glass offers storefront glass repair and replacement, and maintains numerous commercial clients. If your glass doors require attention, call us today to set up an appointment or estimate.

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