Do Skylights Increase Home Value?

Do Skylights Increase Home Value?

August 28, 2020

The appeal of having a skylight in your home is obvious—it gives you much more natural light, and can even help with ventilation. We’ve had an increasing number of customers coming to us wondering whether skylights are the right call for their Alaska homes and lifestyles. Our team at Replacement Glass has installed countless skylights during our 50 years in this industry, and while they always add enjoyment and versatility for current owners, the question over whether or not they increase home value is more complicated. Read on for some information that could help you in your decision-making process.

The benefits of skylights

Any number of skylights could be the right choice for your home for a variety of different reasons. For starters, they let in tons of natural light, which is something every home could probably use more of. This gives you better illumination for tasks like cooking and cleaning, while also making your house feel more like a home thanks to the natural warmth that sunlight provides.

Interestingly, a provider of skylight installation in Alaska will also know how orienting these features can change the feel in a home—south-facing skylights can make rooms hotter in summer while giving a sun-kissed look, whereas north-facing skylights don’t get direct sunlight and will scatter light around the entire space.

The drawbacks of skylights

Skylights in Alaska can add beauty and ventilation to a home, but there are other factors to consider. If a skylight is installed incorrectly, it can wind up brutalizing your energy bills because it can quickly turn into a sieve for heated or cooled air. It’s important to partner with a company that’s been around for a long time so you can have trust and faith in the quality of their work.

Additionally, skylights can be pricy, because investing in a quality one is a way to ensure you don’t run into any situations where the window is leaky or quickly deteriorates. One last thing to consider is that the constant stream of sunlight into your space can have the unfortunate side effect of fading furniture and rugs quicker than might otherwise be expected.

The verdict

Skylights are a great addition that can really add light and space to a home, but there are a lot of things homeowners should consider before installing one. This is not a home improvement project where you can cut financial corners—a cheap skylight or an inexperienced contractor can result in the benefits being negated by air and water leaks that cost you money and create a lot of hassle. Skylights in Alaska, when done right, can really boost the value of a home, but the key is to work with a well-known contractor and fully understand the financial side of this type of project.

If you’re considering skylights for your home or business, we’d love to talk with you and offer up our expertise. No matter if you’re in the exploratory stages or ready to pull the trigger on a project, Replacement Glass is here to talk with you about your options!

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