Five Different Types of Shower Door Designs

Five Different Types of Shower Door Designs

August 14, 2020

Whether you’re completely remodeling your home bathroom or just looking to spruce up the shower, there’s a lot of choices you have to make. The size of the new space, the fixtures, the tiling—it can all be a lot to think about. One decision that can influence everything is your choice of shower door designs in Alaska. The door you select will dictate some of the other selections you can make with your design, so it’s important to understand what you can pick and how that can impact the rest of your process. Here are five of the most popular designs for shower doors:

  • Bypass door: Bypass doors are essentially the same technology as you see in patio doors—they’re usually two panels made out of glass that run on tracks mounted on the tub. A bypass door in Alaska could be a good fit for a customer who’s seeking an efficient use of space, since they wouldn’t have to worry about the door swinging out into the main area of the bathroom.
  • Pivot door: A pivoting door (also known as a swing door in Alaska) functions by being mounted on a hinge that allows the door to move in or out of the tub. These types of hinged doors in Alaska can move 180 degrees, allowing for maximum flexibility and mobility. The installation of this type of hardware is ideal if you’re aiming for a modern look for your bathroom and shower area.
  • Frameless door: A frameless door is one of the most modern looks among shower door designs in Alaska. It uses tempered glass that doesn’t require metal, so you have no edges or borders—just glass on all sides. It can be a pricy option, and there is some metal necessary for the door hinges, but this is a sleek and sophisticated choice.
  • Bath screen door: A bath screen is a unique tri-panel design that usually allows two of its three panels to fold up—picture the folding slatted doors you’ll find on many closets and you’re on the right track. These types of shower doors in Alaska offer an efficient use of space and won’t clutter up your new room.
  • Partial tub enclosure: A partial tub enclosure is a piece of glass that can shield half of the tub—usually the side closer to the fixtures and therefore the water spray. This shower door design is a European-style option that many Alaska homeowners find appealing for its simplicity and permanence.

When it comes to bathroom renovation and remodeling, these options are really just the tip of the iceberg. At Replacement Glass, our customers are always dreaming up new ways to enclose their shower area, and we take pride in being able to help them accomplish their design goals. If you think one of these shower doors could be just what your bathroom needs, or if you want to learn more about other options, give the team at Replacement Glass a call today. We’ve been in this business for half a century, so we’re confident we can help anyone realize their vision for their next glass project.

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