What Are Phantom Retractable Screens?

What Are Phantom Retractable Screens?

July 22, 2021

When the weather is nice and there’s a soft breeze blowing, it can be lovely to open a door and let some air circulate through your house. It can make the whole place feel fresher or breathe some life (pardon the pun) into a space that feels too stuffy. The only problem is that doing so leaves the rest of the world free to enter your home, including bugs, stray pets, curious wildlife and scorching sunlight.

You can keep the unwanted critters out—and keep your pets in—by ensuring you have a screen door in place when your main door is opened. This can also help shade the inside of the home and keep it from getting too hot. But traditional screens can create awkward physical situations in some spaces with a two-door setup, and it’s always a visible part of the aesthetic. What if there were a screen door solution that could just disappear when not in use and fit on almost any door? Enter Phantom retractable screens.

What are Phantom screens?

So, what are Phantom screens? These are screens that do exactly what was described previously: they disappear when not in use. These are retractable screens that disappear into the frame of the doorway area when not in use. To use them, simply pull the handle and latch it to the other side. Even when in use, it can be hard to tell the screen is there unless you’re looking for it. If you have an active dog or cat who tends to run outside to investigate sounds or movement, it might even take them a little while to adjust to the fact that just because the door is opened, doesn’t mean there’s a clear path to the outside world!

Doors and more

As mentioned above, Phantom screens can be used on almost any door. They can be made to fit front doors, garage doors, sliding doors, French doors, Dutch doors and many other styles. This is because each Phantom retractable screen is made and installed to custom specifications, including size, mesh style and color. For French doors, one screen is installed on each side of the wide opening; the screens can either both be opened, both closed or one opened and one closed.

Phantom screens aren’t just for doors—they can be installed on windows, too. In addition to windows, they have the benefit of being an affordable option for larger openings, such as garage doors. There are motorized options for larger openings like this that may be a good fit for your space.

Phantom retractable screens can be a wonderful way to enjoy more of your surrounding environment in the comfort of your own living room, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else in your home. Installation of Phantom screens should only be handled by experienced and trained professionals, so when you’re ready to experience the retractable screen difference, get in touch with Replacement Glass for professional and experienced service. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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