Top Signs It's Time to Replace Your Commercial Windows

Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Windows

August 19, 2021

If you run a business, you likely understand the importance of having windows that look shiny and clean. You probably either clean them yourself or hire someone to do the job. But all good things must come to an end, and sometimes that means you’ll need commercial window replacement.

It’s not always easy to tell when you need to replace your commercial windows. You may think that if you can see out of them and they’re not broken, you don’t need to replace them. But that way of thinking is too reductive, and there are several signs that show it’s time to replace your commercial windows. Here are some of them.


Commercial windows typically have a shorter lifespan than residential windows due to the amount of foot traffic that businesses receive.

With people constantly shuffling in and out of your business and people potentially walking past or in front of your windows, you should consider commercial window replacement every 15-20 years.

Increased utility costs

If you’re trying to run a business, every cent matters. This makes having windows that are energy efficient that much more important. If your windows are old, they may be letting cold air in during the winter and hot air in during the summer.

This would cause your building’s heating or cooling systems to work harder to achieve the desired temperature, which will be evidenced by a higher energy bill.

Noticeable physical damage

If your company’s windows show visible signs of damage, like cracks, holes, breaks or warping, you’ll want to get them replaced. A cracked window with compromised structural integrity is not only a safety issue for your customers and employees, but it can open you up to liability as well.

While you could try to have it repaired, clear damage to your glass is a telltale sign that you need to replace your commercial windows.

Opening and closing windows is a struggle

If you have a hard time opening and closing your business’s windows, it could be indicative of a greater problem. The mechanisms used in opening and closing windows are typically made of metal, and if it’s an arduous task to open or close your windows, it could mean that said metal components are rusted or worn out.

Periodically gently opening and closing your windows can let you know if the cranks and hinges still work or if you need to get the window replaced.


If your commercial building’s windows have condensation on the outside, that’s not usually a problem. If there’s a considerable amount of condensation on the inside of the window or between the panes of glass, that’s an issue that you’ll need to have examined.

Visible moisture between the panes of glass on your commercial windows is an indicator that the seal between the panes has failed, and this means its insulating properties have been significantly diminished.

Call for window replacement today

If you notice any of the above signs, it might be time to replace your commercial windows. Whether you want window repair or replacement, give us a call at Replacement Glass. We have the requisite knowledge and expertise to give your business the beautiful storefront windows it deserves.

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