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Six Window Design Tips from Your Glass Contractor in Alaska

December 1, 2015

As a glass contractor in Alaska, our job here at Replacement Glass Co. Inc is not just to provide our customers with high quality and reasonably priced glass. We also have a duty to help ensure that glass is used in a way that beautifully blends function and style, and nowhere is that more important than with residential windows. With that in mind, here are six design tips for the next time you get new residential windows from your glass shop and glass contractor in Alaska. We hope this guide helps to get your creative juices flowing: Door windows: There’s... View Article

Four Reasons to Install Glass Shower Doors in Alaska

November 15, 2015

For homeowners who are looking to modernize their bathrooms, updating a shower can be the most impactful way to change the look and feel of your space. Installing glass shower doors in Alaska can improve both the style and functionality of your family’s bathroom, while reducing the need for cleaning and the chance of out-of-shower leaks. The following are several reasons why glass shower doors in Alaska may be an ideal option for your bathroom’s re-design: Instant style: A glass shower can immediately make a bathroom look more open, bright and contemporary than a traditional tub and shower curtain. The... View Article

Improve Your Business through Commercial Glass Repair in Alaska

November 1, 2015

If you are looking for a clear-cut way to improve the look and function of your business, commercial glass for windows and doors may be the right choice. Glass doors and windows can benefit many areas of your business. Not only will improving the glass in your building add to your customers’ experience, but it can also make your business more efficient, and ultimately more successful. If you find yourself in need of new glass installation or commercial glass repair in Alaska it is important to call a professional right away. The following are key areas of business in which... View Article

Advantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Alaska

October 15, 2015

If it is time to replace your glass shower doors, you may decide to change the style in your home. Frameless shower doors are a popular option these days due to their flexibility and advantages. If you are feeling it is time for a new look in your home, here are the advantages of installing frameless glass shower doors in Alaska: Stronger construction: Many consumers think that framed doors are stronger, but that is not the case. Fully framed doors use thinner glass that relies heavily on the frames for reinforcement. That creates a weak spot in the middle of... View Article

Consider Insulated Glass for Your Next Commercial Glass Replacement in Alaska

October 1, 2015

Commercial utilities are frequently higher than those you incur at home, and storefront windows also undergo more stress. Weather, traffic and elements test your commercial windows every day, and the constant public exposure also leaves them vulnerable in other ways. If you are looking at commercial glass replacement in Alaska, it may be time to consider insulated glass if you have not already installed it. Here are its advantages: Temperature control: With winter soon to arrive, keeping heat inside will be a priority in every retail establishment and workplace. While the amount of insulation varies by the type of windows... View Article