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Winter Checklist for Commercial Door and Window Maintenance

February 22, 2018

Anyone responsible for maintaining commercial doors in Alaska knows one thing for certain: winters here can be rough. Properly preparing your commercial doors and windows for the winter season can ensure that customers and employees alike have unfettered access to your commercial space. Working with a qualified company specializing in window replacement in Alaska is a great way to ensure that you and your place of business are both effectively ready for the next big cold snap. Door maintenance Keeping your doors operating smoothly throughout the year will ensure that both your employees and customers can safely and easily access... View Article

The Ultimate Guide to Windows

November 21, 2017

So, you’re finally ready to upgrade your windows. But where do you begin? All of the different enviable options online and in home improvement magazines can be overwhelming when you’re trying to determine what is the best option for your home. Just getting started can be quite a challenge if you are not familiar with all the industry terms and the different selections available. That’s where the professionals at Replacement Glass come in. We want window replacement in Alaska to be an easy and enjoyable process. To help you out, we’ve assembled this guide covering everything you need to know... View Article

What to Do About Your Foggy Windows

October 10, 2017

If your home has insulated glass windows, you probably save a bundle on your heating and cooling bills each month. Insulated windows do wonders to keep inside air in and outside air out. That not only saves money—it also helps keep your home more comfortable all year long. The only downside of insulated windows is that they can fail after a while. When this happens, your windows can fog up and prevent you from seeing through them as clearly as you should. Why do windows fog up? Windows can fog up for two different reasons. The first reason isn’t all... View Article

Four Reasons to Choose Vinyl Windows and Screens

April 11, 2017

Every house will eventually need replacement windows. Over time, your old windows will begin to become leaky and let tremendous amounts energy seep out of your home. You might notice this in the form of an increase in your monthly energy bills or if your home begins to feel a bit more drafty. Vinyl windows and screens are a great option to increase energy efficiency while also updating the look of your home. Vinyl windows provide a wide variety of benefits that other types of windows are unable to offer. Plus, the replacement and installation process is easy with the... View Article

New Glass or Total Window Replacement in Alaska: Which Is Right for Your Broken Window Seals?

February 9, 2017

If you are noticing that your windows are beginning to fail, it may be the seal between the two layers of glass that is not holding together properly. In older windows, there is usually caulk that holds the two panes of glass together, while newer windows use a glazing bead. In both instances, the window seal can fail, creating a window that has moisture between the panes and is hard to see out of. As a window’s seal expands and contracts with the weather, it can lose some of its elasticity and allow the seal of the windows to become... View Article

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